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SemiAccurate :: Nvidia roadmaps turn up

It's not looking good for Nvidia, the new DX11 cards from ATI are being shown to have huge boosts in performance and single cards are actually performing around the strength of dual cards like the gtx 295 and 4870X2 when you look at Vantage scores. Even in the Spring of 2010 Nvidia doesn't look to have anything decent ready. If they don't do something they may be replaced this generation by Intel. And then there will be an AMD vs Intel fight in the graphics and processor markets.

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Semi accurate cannot be trusted, its run by charli, known nvidia hater.


" that Nvidia has to offer is the GTX280 with the RAM doubled to 1792MB"
Doubling the ram on a GTX280 would give it 2GB's.

****** doesn't even know wtf he is talking about.

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nVidia still has the GT300 launch set for "as early as" December.

ATI cards are due this month.

I'll keep waiting for the GT300 as necessary...
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