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Well, I am sorry if any one feels bad about me posting my "homework" here. But you CAN say that I'm a bit desperate right now. It goes like this, our Numerical Analysis teacher has told us to submit a Case study on 6th of this month, giving us less than 3 days :mad:

I am actually unsure as to from where to start. And the teacher is not very cooperative. Time is too less to look around for any particular resource so here I am. I found this:

This is almost perfect for me. But I am a little clueless as to how to fill up this requirement sheet given by my teacher:

Requirements for Case-Study

1- Properly documented with reference (web-site or Book)

2- Must explain the following;
Problem description

a) Statement of the problem

b) Analysis of problem

c) Inputs, outputs and applied constraints

d) Problem scope (specification)

e) Problem domain (Generalization/Application)


a) Mathematical formulation

b) Implementation criterion (top-down or bottom-up)

c) Feasibility of choosing criterion

d) Optimization (if possible)

e) Other possible strategies


Coding (using any programming language)

I'll be really gratefull if anyone can help me out. Thanks!
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