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NullDC won't run

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Take a look at this screenshot:

Can someone tell me how to fix this please?

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You need another "dc_boot.bin" and "dc_flash.bin", the ones you are using are too large.

"dc_boot.bin" needs to have 2.00 MB
"dc_flash.bin" needs to have 128 KB

Hope that helps.
I replaced them with the correct ones, well they have the correct file size but I get the same message:

Any ideas?

Sorry I was being stupid :/

Forgot the dc_boot.bin file.

It works great now, but one more question: How do I slow the thing down?
EDIT: Never mind, got it all sorted now :)
I've run into another problem, although the emu works fine when playing GDI files it gives me error when I use a bin file, take a look:

Any ideas?
So you are saying they are not supported or what? It says I can open a bin file so why is that there?
Do any other emulators accept a bin cd image?
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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