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nulldc white screen after start a game

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hello everything is on the title,when I start a game I have just a white screen,thx
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I have same problem. Please someone help :(
Post the whole log you get on the console (the DOS-like window) when you try to run a game. Both of you.
Here is log ;) It stucks like this
Of course it gets stuck. It is supposed to act like that. :doh:
I don't get it so what should I do?
Pay attention to what plugins you use and act accordingly... and next time read the manual before messing with the various plugins and options.
I read manual, but I still can't figure it out
readME said:
"nullDC Controller [WinHook.NET]" connects a normal dreamcast controller using input from the keyboard but for
NetPlay usage. It will make the emulator freeze if it's used for offline gameplay.
*Refer to the NetPlay section for more information about NetPlay.
What is so hard to explain about the above sentence?
Oh god thanks!
....makes me want to post the fail at failing image.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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