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nullDC v1.0.3 Bug Reports. Post nullDC Bugs and Problems In Here!

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No one is perfect. Every piece of software has bugs. No matter the beta testing some bugs may stay undetected for a long time. nullDC is no exception.

Doesn't matter if it's a minor problem or major problem, go for it and post it in here.

But wait! Specific issues might be fixed already so take a look at those links before posting:

List of bugs and fixes « drk||Raziel’s blog
List of bugs and fixes « PsyBlog

Is the bug fixed already? Yay!
Is the bug not fixed? Then post it already! :D
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The sound does not work in Floigan Bros.
Fur Fighters hangs after opening.
In regards of the Ikaruga's invisible bullets issue on the second stage.
I did have issues with it, but it seems fixed on v1.0.3.


v1.0 b1.6

Graphical issues with Evolution
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In nullDC 1.0.3, the controls don't work in Looney Tunes Space Race.
I am having a problem with typing of the dead. Hyphen and quotation marks do not work, (there may be other keys that do not work, I do not know). Makes the game a little impossible to play. it could just be this keyboard (I'm on a laptop) but I doubt it.
Skies of Arcadia numerous graphical bugs as documented in this thread.
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