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Nulldc running problem

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Hi. I have nulldc running fine on my pc and have played a few games on it at full speed. A friend of mine saw the games running and wants it on his laptop. So anyway I tried running nulldc on his laptop and it just gives some error message and says that reinstalling might fix the problem. What am I doing wrong? I never got this error on my pc
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update directx and redownload nulldc on the laptop rather than copying the files from 1 computer to another
Thanks for the reply. Where can I get the directx update from?
Hi. Is it possibly not due to something else? Because I have had that same 'configuration error, reinstalling the application may fix this problem' error when I ran a dolphinWx build on my pc. Yet I had no such error with other dolphin builds. I read somewhere that the installer package of nulldc might work. Is this true and where would I get this?
You lack the required Visual C runtime.
google is your friend. you want VC 2008 or VC 2005
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