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nulldc on x3100 and vista problem

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Hello.I have tried to run nulldc 1.0.0b1, 1.0.0b6, 1.0.3 and 1.0.3 naomi on my laptop with win vista and intel gma965 express chipset (x3100 graphics card) but i have the same result:very very slow graphics (30%)!:(.I dont think my computer is so slow (celeron 550, 1 gb ram).Has anyone with the same laptop succeeded to play nulldc?Thanks for any help and sorry for my english!
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Your CPU is also slow, nothing can be done.
I have the same problem:

intel core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 3GB DDR 2
intel GMA 4500 MHD
using vista :


but the funny stuff is:

my old computer

some celeron i think, 1GB DDR 2
intel GMA 950
using xp :

smooth and sometimes fast

I think the problem is the explosive combination with intel onboard cards and windows vista

EDIT: Your CPU is too slow to run Vista anyways, unistaling vista and installing xp migth solve the problem
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Vista uses too much memory on idle, its not worth using on a computer with 1gb ram or less.
Thanks for the respond, guys.I think that mangirl proves that with a fast computer like core 2 duo,3 gigs of ram and also intel gma 4500 which is faster than x3100 there is a compatibility issue with vista and intel gma cards.I know my computer is also slow but i think there is copmatibility issue because mangirl also says that whith an old computer with xp, i suppose very older than mine, has some good result.My graphics are a disaster and cpu turns to 100% usage!
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