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<div>Over in the <strong>nullDC</strong> (DreamCast Emulator) forums, <a href="" class="bigusername" rel="nofollow">ZeZu</a> has made a request for help towards the nullDC project:&nbsp;</div>
<div>If any wish to <span class="highlight">help</span> out the nullDC project, by any means, we will keep a list of things we could use / use <span class="highlight">help</span> with here.

Skill sets:</strong>
  • Translators, Japanese to English, more later</li>
  • Developers, Anyone with a lot of knowledge of PIC16x

  • Any hardware related to Dreamcast/Atomiswave/Naomi/Naomi2/HIKARU</li>
  • Arcade Motherboards, Game Carts/GDROMS, IO Boards, Jamma Harnesses, Control Panels, Lightguns, compatible EPROMs. Just about anything will <span class="highlight">help</span> us here.
Anyone wishing to donate cash:

All funds will be used accordingly for the project <strong>only</strong>, to buy hardware we will need to reverse unknown aspects of it. (Compatible EPROMs for Naomi bootrom is one example).</div>
Please contact <a href="" class="bigusername" rel="nofollow">ZeZu</a> or <a href="" class="bigusername" rel="nofollow">drkIIRaziel</a> via a PM on this board for paypal informations or physical mailing address.&nbsp;</div></blockquote>
<div><a href="" class="bigusername" rel="nofollow">ZeZu</a> has stated the following is currently very high on their list of priorities, and if anyone can help, please contact them immediately!
<blockquote> The PDF Files on this page: <a target="_blank" href="">index</a> Could use a proper translation. The file <strong>JVST_VER3R.pdf</strong> is the best starting point, It contains the most technical data on the JVS Specification.

We can provide FTP space for the file to be uploaded, or an email address for upload.

Thanks in advance!&nbsp;</blockquote> </div>
<div><strong>»</strong> View the original post <a href="" title="here" target="_blank">here</a></div>
<div><strong>»</strong> Visit the nullDC forums <a href="" title="here" target="_blank">here</a></div>
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