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NullDC Keyboard Add-on help.

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This is not about "OMF MAH KEYBOARD DOESN'T WORK WIT MAH GAEMZ!!!!1!1!!" This is more about "hey, why doesn't the dreamcast keyboard work at all?". I go to play typing of the dead, but buttons like hyphen and quotation marks don't work. is there any way to fix this, or is my keyboard just messed up? all my keys work correctly when I actually type, but it doesn't work in the game.

Thanks for the help!
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It may be because of the difference between european and us keyboard layouts. For instance quotation marks are made by hitting shift+2 but on us keyboards shift+2 makes @ (i think)
yeah you are right that the layouts are much different, but that didn't work. maybe the emulator just thinks my Keys are broken haha.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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