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Null2's SPU and FF9 PAL

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Hi all,
I'm having a small problem with Null2's SPU 1.3 and FF9 PAL (german). During the game, it works perfectly fine, but during an FMV it always stutters slightly. Slightly, that means about every second. I've read the FAQs and tried various configs, but none worked. I played around with buffer and block size, but that just delays the stutter. I've tried all different options, but it just won't work. (yes, including the VAG options).
It works fine with the epsxe core plugin, but it sounds horrible, especially the battle music - bug.
Other than that, I use Pete's D3D plugin 1.48 on a Celeron 333, Voodoo 2000 and SBLive!. I play from an ISO.

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just some more specs...

Pete's D3D 1.48:
800x600, 16 Bit
Textures: R5 G5 B5 A1
Filtering: Standard
Offscreen drawing: 2
Alpha Multipass
Mask bit detection OFF
Framebuffer Textures Black
Misc: nothing except dithering

As for Null2's, I haven't got any config, since none really worked.

I use the SCPH1001 bios.

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Hi again,
it works fine now, but not exactly like you described. I had to take the bios scph7002 and Null2's SPU 2.4. Version 3.4 had the same errors as 3.5 with me. Now, it doesn't sound as good as 3.4, but at least it works. :D
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