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Null2 SPU problem

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Why certain games that i played like chrono cross and digimon world, i get lousy sound? but when i tried other plugin like epsxe SPU it works fine but has a lower sound quality than Null2 SPU because i rate it 44kHz 16bit.

so guys, can give any help ?
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Well with Chrono Cross you'll probably get mdec lock-ups with null2's so I would recommend switching over to Iori's for that game. As for the other game, I haven't played it so can't comment. Play around with your buffer settings.
That's right. Null2 is a very old SPU which is no longer being developed. Try Iori's plugin, as gerbilcannon said. It works fine for most games. Chrono Cross sound is perfect with it.
it works !

Well the Iori's SPU did solve the problem !
Hmmm can u guys tell me the best setting for Iori's SPU....
Best settings are whatever generates the best sound to your ears on your system.
The best config depends on your computer. I use the following:
Sound Buffer: 7
XA Buffer: 42
High Resolution mode: ON
Wait for XA buffer is free: ON
Show realtime config window: OFF
Enable Noise and Pitch Modulation: ON
Enable Reverb: ON
Enable SPU IRQ: ON(off in epsxe's main sound config)
Enable Compressor: ON
hmmm ic,

well i am using AMD 500 with 128 RAM with Terasound A3D and Creative Banshee 16MB.

what do u guys think about the buffers setting for my PC ?
I think you should start experimenting. I don't have your pc in front of me, I can't hear what the settings sound like. Start with the default and tweak from there.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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