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Null2 Problems!

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I want to try the Null2 sounds plugin but it won't show up!!! :mad: - I tried installing every new VB Runtime update I could find, but still nothing. Please Help!
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Here you go, another cut from the FAQ'S hehehe.

Q: I've downloaded and extracted Null2's SPU to my Plugins directory, but it's not
showing up as a choice under SPU Plugins in ePSXe, please help!
A: Null2's popular SPU plugin requires the Visual Basic 6 runtimes in order to
function properly, and won't even be listed unless they are installed.
Win2K, WinMe, and Win98SE(?) already come with them, but Win95 and Win98 do
not. You can grab yourself a copy of the runtimes at:
i had this problem too, once. i have windows ME and i accidently removed some core components - including a file called 'msvcirt.dll'. if it still doesnt appear after installing the runtimes then that is the file that you need to search for.
Iran, as I already said "I tried installing every new VB runtime I could find" that includes that one, I do read the ePSXe faqs they are very helpful ;)
Maybe you have really mess up your windows installation, why dont you reformat, this should clear your problems up and use norton's ghost.
What version Directx the you have?

Try install DX8
Now it works, I tried a few more VB runtime downloads and got it to work :D :fingers: :spy: :laser: :love: :wink: :rockets: :wtf: :smash: :shout: :mg: :idea: :innocent: :heh: :eyespin: :emb: :confused: :mad: :cool: ;) :eek: :) :) :( :eek: :D ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :confused: :yawn: :eyes: :dead: :emb:
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