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Null 1.35 make a freme skip

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when i'm using Pete midas 1.7, the game run so smooth,
but when i'm using null 1.35, the game run so skip, why?
i have configure with the same as recommended option.
My Spec :
Lewpy 1.33
SCPH 1001

Ath 550
voodoo3 3k
Aureal adv
64 SDRAm

Can Anyone help me?,
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Ryu_joko, the next release will be better that the current one and sound is one of the issues being worked on. If Null2's SPU vers. 1.35 is giving you trouble, then try Null2's SPU vers. 1.34, I've heard that it works better than vers. 1.35. You might also want to try the internal SPU. The sounds w/that are quite good. But it does have a problem w/DD help.
Try version 1.24 version 1.3x always has skipping problem with my system but ver. 1.24 works but does not support savestate.BTW only 1.35 support savestate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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