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Now this is a CPU fan!

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Take a look at Asus StarIce Cooler CPU fan.

It looks like a jet engine!

Too bad it sounds like one too.
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very nice
looks noisy though
it is.
I'll take my zally over it, and pretty much any other air cooler, any day.

870g & 62db! Good God lol.
agreed. cept a thermalright SI-97 wudnt hurt.
I use the stock cooler (......what? it couldn't hurt if I don't overclock could it?)
Son of a...

I need one! :nod:
my Zalman could do a better job than that, and a hell of a lot quieter too ;)
Yeah...this is one fancy CPU fan that does not cool all that well; good only for case modders (w/ $).
W00t!! the...hell... :spit:

someone wanted to design something big, funky, expensive, but... *****ed the case and made sth big, noisy and expensive :p
Man who would want that for a cpu cooler.
I buy this, and it becomes my new jetpack, so I can go to space, and return to my home planet.
this cooler is ok but doesnt cool as good as the other much smaller ones.
It's a.....rocket?
Dude, did you see the shape of this thing?
I won't say a rocket, but a mini jetpack
looks like the aero cool ones...the big silver one except without that big tower heatpipe in the middle.
put another one and you can use your pc as a jetpack :p
LOL. You're PC starts to fly away on you :p
/me thinks of the possabilty...

Damn, need a stronger, smaller and lighter power souce...guess that super conducter I made back in the day will finally have a use.
Yeah, I saw this thing, it's huge! With my would crush my CPU.....heh...
watch it suck up ur pc parts :D.

/me remembers seeing on tv some guy that got sucked into a jet engine and lived.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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