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Nothing to do........................

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Like my topic said I have nothing to do
so I just make a FF8 wallpaper hope you will like them ;)
PS.Don't expect it too much.I am no advance at graphic
Wallpaper size is 800*600
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Nothing to U are lucky.Sometimes I get so busy that I can't scratch my head,Busy in what........STUDIES.........
Betas top ten things to do when he is bored :D

1. Post mindless crap on the board
2. Play FF9 Uk (finally!)
3. Drill extra air holes into his computer case
4. Change the layout of the desktop again.
5. Watch the dating channel. (only when REALLY bored)
6. Record more mp3's via MTV
7. Goto the cinema
8. Um
9. Did I say ten:confused:
10 :D
well nice wallpaper ! it's a way to entertain itself , or you could get a job during vacation .
i mostly go to the cinema and biking. Today o saw FF and Tomb raider :D
yesterday me and a friend of mine caught a couple having (u know what goes here) (this may be shoking) in the back of a car in the middle of no were, were we use to go biking. uh oh... we passed by that place w/ xtra speed ;)
Being bored, pah ... I wish I'd have the time to be bored, but with such a schedule this is hardly possible. Stuff I'm currently doing includes :

1) Updating PSXEmu (from time to time)
2) Creating NGEmu
3) Configuring a server we'll use for point 2
4) Building up a new network in a company I work in
5) Creating a webpage for a local pet doctor and another one for a good friend
6) Earning money for my holidays in spain
7) Running networks in 2 other companies I work in
8) Programming a central working program for one of the companies from 7
9) Fixing my private room, like installing the new bed we got, painting the walls yellow, building up the new bath room etc.
10) Heck, and every day I still find time to enjoy life a bit :)

Maybe you should take one of those as suggestions what to do ... and belive me, it's better to be bored than being that busy :D Enjoy your day.
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Originally posted by Betamax
yeah right... in which gear? Reverse?:D
ehehe... guess so... 60 seconds... but hey, im not kidding m8
i'm so busy i barely have time to type thi
Come on..........
If you have really nothing to do
We come and let more drink ahhhh........come...come
One more drink................................hey where is soda :eek:
Hey Enigma how far is Singapore from Bangkok?
About 2 hours if you travel by airplane.....
hmmm........oh got to go......
cough, cough....
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