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not interested in developing cxbx

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forgive my poor English
I still want to know if someone is interested in developing Cxbx that I see that you're getting a lot imporatancia as the other emulators
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cxbx is stil be worked on by SHogun.
Only problem like the other programmers is lack of time.
blues do you try unreal championship new changes? can you to extract all the game to a folder and delete the intro video manually and try with other intro video?..or you can rename other video if is the same type of the same game, normaly in a xbox game there are (op) video(openin) or end video (en) or (ed)....whatever you can to know this with nero video showtime this program can to open somes xbox games videos...has cxbx all the video conversion complete?

here a example of xbox game video tested in nero video showtime click here
The videos play just fine in Unreal Championship as long as the overlay isn't updated. So there's no need. Check the list to see what I did recently.
thanks for your´s answer
well but can you post your changes pleasE or some update in google codes or something like that??? maybe some games need the same aplication of championchip something comun, is possible the same funtion for all games for try something?, well what language is xbox hex codeS?...can be someday the d3d graphics updated to directx9??or opengl updated to this year ?
how cxbx can play xbox videos? in the sources how is the name of this convertion?

well you can try a lot of methods for to kill the overlay problem hehe.,..someday..greetings
saintseiya: Just wait till he has time to do this all.
dont rush this and things like that.. be greatfull that people like Shogun put in there valuable time and effort in the cxbx project.

Don`t forget that caustik also has stopped just because everyone was bugging and asking for releases and stuff..

When will it be released ?? When will it be updated ???
Answer is simple when those who working on the projects feel like its time to do a update.

We all waited for a long time.. some of us have waited for over 6 years to see this emulator get to its final stage..
So have respect and just wait a litle longer ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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