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Not detected SSE2

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Hi, i'm new in this "world" and i need some help. I have an AMD AthlonXP 1800+ 1.54GHz, 512 DDR RAM, NVidia 6600, 200GB HDD. I configure the pcsx2 0.7 with the guide from your site. When i open the program (in the Ps2 Output) says: detected MMX, detected SSE, not detected SSE2.
What can i do to get over this problem??? :(

P.S: i have the scph39001 bios. It is 4096KB.
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That's your CPU, I don't think the XP support SSE2, Intel uses those instructions with the P4. I do believe the AMD 64s do have the instruction codes.
PCSX2 should work fine on your Athlon XP (the the best of its and your CPU's abilities, mind you.. it'll be slow as expected).. albeit without the speed benefits of SSE2 SIMD.

If it means that much to you, just buy a Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 or higher CPU/Mobo.. not that it would make much difference with PCSX2, though, to be honest.
I guess he thinks of it as an error...well its not,the emulator will work normally but wont get a speed increase from SSE2
as bosit said, itll work fine just it wont take advantage of SSE2, altho i dont think PCSX2 benefits much from SSE2 enhancements as i dont think there are any in the actual code.

SSE2 is present on the Athlon XP 64bit processor, altho the instruction extensions dont provide much of a boost the 64bit architecture does.
If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Intel the only ones to use SSE2 until AMD went 64 bit? And AMD's suppliment was 3DNow technology?
Yeah, that's pretty much what we've been saying, and the instructions that AMD made is 3DNow...They also have 3Dnow2 or whatever, just more instructions built into the cpu..
>>If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Intel the only ones to use SSE2 until AMD went 64 bit? And AMD's suppliment was 3DNow technology?

actually 3dnow came before sse... only a few apps supported it (the original unreal tournament supported it), but when intel introduced sse as an answer to 3dnow, app support for 3dnow was dropped.

3dnow2 (or 3dnow professional) just added more instructions that made amd compatible with sse instruction set.

*MMX is an integer based simd, while 3dnow and sse are floating point. 3dnow is amd's answer to intel's MMX.
Good news, the latest AMD64 cpu supports SSE3:)
bositman said:
But PCSX2 doesnt :p
and probably never will :lol:
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