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Not a Newbie anymore!

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(since no one is taking note of the older thread - newbie to programming - i thought of making a new special thread for this - so for ppl posting there could you be kind enough to post here?)

Hey guys,

whew.. finally!! I've come out of the tutorials with flying colours and by checking out the other threads, i was able to make a CHIP-8 emulator.. :heh: (the thread by Refraction about emulator programmming)

i wanna try something new now and have started to work on a Gameboy emulator (by going through a thread in emufanatics or something) but what I really wanna do is to make a PS Emulator. (Just for the fun of it). I know that there are a lotta PS emulators to go on with, but i'd like to try it out:emb: .

Is there any documents/information/data/links/anything useful - that you guys can give me based on the PS one console? (I have enough about Gameboy, so i dont want them). Can you post it down here? Oh and thanks guys for all the help ;)

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Heh, cool.

Well, I did some digging around the EMU forums here and found that old emu tutorial I previously mentioned - I'm a little embarassed, the guy who wrote it was right there in your thread
Anyways, Zenogais wrote some good tutorials for emulation. Unfortunately, they seem to be down at the moment (Maybe he has a reason, I don't know). You can find his page here, but I don't think it will help yet.

UPDATE: Lucky you, some of his tutorials are caught in the google cache
. emu tutorial and array of function pointers. I think there were others, but that's a pretty good start.

UPDATE2: This took an inordinately large amount of time to find: The R3000A hardware docs.

Also, a bit more resources here, and some from Zophar's Domain, and there's also an odd wealth of information right here on ngemu (clicky).
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I can tell you from experience that all the PSX docs I've been able to find (and I spent quite a while searching) weren't sufficient in helping me code certain portions of the PSX emulator (root counters in particular). Really the only way to build a full working PSX emulator is to do some reversing of your own. As for the tutorials they're undergoing reformatting beause I'm taking my website in a new direction and articles will be a more integral part of it, but I will put the old versions back up for you guys, you can find them here -> projects -> tutorials
Going OFFLINE - Will be back on November 20th

Reverse Engineering? yeah, i'm trying that. Its just taking too long, i bet thats why you discontinued working on your PSx emulator, zenogais?

but mayb i'd hav 2 discontinue work till end of november but guys can you still post anything that mayb useful? I'll check back soon enough..... (i hope this thread dont die)

And thnx for the tutorials zenogais. and you 2 killershots.. really appreciate all those links. and that thread back here, i didnt see that.. it was full of stuff. but most of the links are broken or dead.. but there were some useful stuff out there 2.

Guys can you, even if i'm not back, keep this thread fed with links and information and everything pls????


;- I know that there are a lotta ppl out there who wants to learn more, and i've made a RAR file of what I have, there's a good deal of ppl who can use these files. The file is too big and cannot be attached, however i'll make sure that you get them somehow on November the 20th
I would be uploading some files on November which will be uploaded here. These files would be:

1. Chip 8 stuff - contains some stuff on how to and so on, pretty useful, helped me understand emulation better​
2. How to write an emulator - a good guide, the file is inside the RAR or you can get it here>>​
3. Writing an Emulator - this is taken from Everything2 webste. Theres some useful stuff there​
4. Some documents regarding writing an emulator.​
5. Lot of PSone stuff - mainly technical docs, faqs etc.​
6. Some PS2 architecture files which was released from the Sony Development site (whatever)- contains, a lot of articles, presentations, hardware architecture diagrams etc.​
7. SDL DOCUMENTATION - A must have for SDL programmers, an extensive library about SDL.​
8. And some websites saved which were quoted elsewhere.​

Thanks to Killershots, Zenogais and the other guys at the emuforums for alot of support. I would recommend ppl to check out these websites if they are truly wanting to learn programming and emulating.


Zenogais's Website - Its a bit empty at the moment, but contains some cool stuff​ NEHE OpenGL tutorials
Chip8 Technical Docs - Chip 8 Technical Documents - (p.s maybe broken)
Assambler Tutorial.rar - A tutorial file
How To's For Emulation - (p.s maybe broken)
Some Gameboy Stuff - (p.s maybe broken but it was interesting)
Game's Tutorials - (p.s. maybe broken)
How do you make a emulator thread by Bes - (it contains some useful stuff for newbies)
Programming my first emu by refraction- (contains really neat stuff for newbies - helped me to make my first CHIP-8 emulator)
C++ Tutorials - A very good site to learn C++
Zophar - A very good site, contains technical documents and other etc.
NGEMU C++/C links - here
CHIP-8 - CHIP-8 thread, really useful [recommended by Chrono Archangel]
NES - NES thread, really useful [recommended by Chrono Archangel]
Gameboy - Gameboy thread - really useful too [recommended by Chrono Archangel]
Realtime Performance File- Exophase recommends - may not work
C++ Tips- Exophase recommends - may not work
A PDF about Performance- Exophase recommends - may not work
Dynamic Recompilation - An Introduction - A thread here on Emuforums.

-i'll post some more links when i come ONLINE on November - - - - - - - - - -

ADVICE - Dont give up. hehe. You can do whatever you want no matter how hard it is, thats how i learnt how to program up to this extent even.

THANKS 2 \_/

Everyone at NGemu and Emuforums
-special thnx to RealOne, Kraelis, Bcrew1375, Dogmaan, scottlc, __Xzyx987X, swatgod, Katsuya, Shu-Chan, rup1033, Ramsus K, Refraction, Chrono Archangel, Bositman, Exophase, Bes and Emulator Authors and their helpful threads, links, files and their projects.
-very special thnx goes to KillerShots and zenogais for very helpful links and information​
Everyone at Emutalk
(n my Mom'n'Dad [o'course];) )​
My evil twin - RealOne and my elder brother..​
A lot of friends and pen pals​
And a special girl somewhere out there ...... :wub:​

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My PSX emulator isn't discontinued its more on hold right now because I'm working on other things. Hopefully I'll find the time to work on it some more :p Look forward to this list of emulation related sites.
Enjoy Some Links



The net probably will be done the ぜ
Probably will be done selfishly the ぜ


In addition







HEY GUYS __---___----

REAPPEARED A BIT SOON, JUST TO POST SOME LINKS> MAYB SOME OF THEM MAY NOT WORK >>> PS> You may need to translate the pages, they are quite useful..... mostly in Japanese, but use the google or yahoo translation tools
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Here is a collection of links to resources that may be helpful if you are trying to write/port an emulator, although this list is by no means comprehensive, it is a good starting point, and even if what you want is not listed here, then you'll probably be able to find it quite quickly from one of these pages. I recommend you try out the first few miscellaneous pages listed, as they're very comprehensive!!

[/size]Fellow (source)

[size=+1]Amstrad CPC:
[/size]CPC by Mark Rison (source)

[size=+1]Apple Mac:
[/size]vMac (source)

[/size]Apple][ emulator (source)

[/size]MAME, multiple arcade machines (C source)

[size=+1]Atari Lynx:
[/size][url=""]Handy version 0.40 (C++ source) - already ported
Atari Lynx technical info

[size=+1]Atari ST:
[/size]Atari ST technical info - by Sam Ellis
STonX page - portable Atari ST emulator (source)

[size=+1]Atari 800:
[/size]Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 emulator (C source) - already ported

[size=+1]Atari 2600:
[/size]Atari 2600 tech information
Atari 2600 emulator (source)_
Stella - multiplatform Atari 2600 emulator (source) - already ported
PC Atari (pascal and 80x86 source)

[/size]BBCem page (C source code), v0.80 and lower as later use DirectX
BeebInC page (C source code)
BBC Lives technical documents
BBC documentation project

[/size]ColourGenie emulator source code

[/size]Colecovision (C source) - already ported!
ADAMem colecovision (C and miniscule 80x86asm) - already ported
Virtual ColecoVision (J++ java & C++ also)

[size=+1]Commodore (PET, VICE 20 etc.):
[/size]VICE (source) - already ported

[/size]Dragon & Tandy CoCo (source)

[/size]Marat's Gameboy page
Jeff Frohwein's Gameboy Technical Docs
Jen's GB emu (80x86 assembly)
Andreas Stroiczek's ARM coded Gameboy emulator source

[/size]MSX FAQ
fMSX (C source) - already ported!

[/size]Marat's NES hardware doc
The NES tech repository - some good NES docs
xNES (C source) - already ported & discontinued
Nezulator (Pascal source)
6502 emulator from Nesticle (80x86 assembly)
How to write a NES homebrew game
NEScript - mid-level language for NES development
Angelic Design NESdev - another development kit (in development)
Icarus Productions - a few interesting Gameboy Color homebrew ROMS
WinNES (Delphi source)

[/size]N64 technical docs - info is rather limited at the moment.

[size=+1]PC Engine:
[/size]TurboGrafx (PCEngine) internals
Jen's (VPCE author) TurboGrafx tech info
HuGo PC Engine (C source)
TGsim (C source)
PCE Hack list
TG16 hacking
Paul Clifford's PCE information page
Paul Clifford's Programmable Sound Generator info
Paul Clifford's Video Colour Encoder info

[/size]pex, dynamic recompiler core for r3000 (playstation)
PSEmu v0.1.22 (C source, archive password = marlboro) [/url]FPSE source (C source)

[size=+1]Sega Master System:
[/size]Rich Talbot-Watkin's SMS technical guide
Massage v0.61 (80x86 Assembly source)
Zophar's Domain Master System/Game Gear technical docs

[/size]SNEeSe SNES (C & lots of x86 source)
Snes9x (C source) - already ported

[/size]Spectrum FAQ
Q-emuLator support page - Sinclair QL details.
X128 Spectrum emulator (source)
QLAY emulator for Sinclair QL (with 68000 source available)
Jasper, Spectrum (java source)

[/size]Vectrex Emulator page

[size=+1]Virtual Boy:
[/size]Virtual Boy Technical Information

[/size]WINE windows emulator (C source)

[/size]6502 Cross development tools - loads of assemblers, compilers and 6502 documentation (a lot are PC based)
6502 and Z80 portable emulators (C source)
both C & x86 assembly Z80 emulator
both C & x86 assembly 6502 emulator
x86 assembly Atari math box emulator

ARM code 6502 (unreleased) - David Sharp
ARM code 6502 (incomplete) - Alain Brobecker

[/size]MESS source - multiple console and computer emulator source
Emulation Programmers Resource - good collection of emulation info
Emulation Programming Repository - a collection of emulation info.
The Console Programming Page - loads of good info on SNES and Megadrive!
Some Emulator programming ideas from the author of CAGE (for the PC)
Sources for GB97, NESa and many more
Computer Emulation Resources
Marat Fayzullin's homepage (including how to write an emulator in simple terms)- this man is an emulation god!!
Console Hack - BIOS archive for PlayStation, N64 and Sega Saturn
Jim Breen's Japanese Translation page - very handy if there's some docs you can't read!
Allegro graphics library information - used in a lot of C emulators.


I GUESS THATS ENOUGH for now..... (hmmm... thread seems reaaaallllllyyyy empty....)

AND GUYS>>>> there may be some stuff that may not work. i havent checked all - CREDITS TO >

I have started work on a PS emulator, you can expect a PS emulator on July 2006, or earlier. Cant make any promises. If this thread survives, i'll post it here..... nobody would get mad will they? for awakening a long dead thread... again, i;ll take a loooong break, got my exams//// hav 2 study;.. i/m just going to do my O'levels'.
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