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when i start epsxe i don't get past a black screen with in the upper right corner a ps controller

i'm using :
epsxe 1.7.0

scph7502 bios
pete open gl2 gpu plug in
p e op s d sound plug in
p e op s cdr plug in

rig spec's:
core 2 quad 2.40 ghz
asus 4850 1 gb video card
2 gb ram
vista home basic

i tryed ff VII ( sles-02080 );ff IX (sles-02965 ) and crash bandicoot ( sces-00344) (all original discs) and i got the same problem with all of them

any body out there who can tell me what i'm doing wrong

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Your CD/DVD drive is probably having difficulty reading subchannel data on the fly or subchannel data reading needs to be turned on in the CDR plugin options.
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