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Hi Everybody,

I just found out about this site and ePSXe last night, but I need some help.
I want to run it on my Laptop and want to now what the best plugin options are for my laptop and what the best settings are, so that I can enjoy playing ePSXe on my laptop with the best possible settings.

My Specs are:

OS: Windows Vista Basic Home Edition
Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU 550 @2.00 GHz
Video: Mobile Intel (R) 965 Express Chipset Family @ 128MB

Thanx very much for any of your help!!

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use the D3d, OGL1 or software plugins, dont use the OGL2 with onboard video. the "nice" or "fast" presets are generally fine, which to use depends on which aspect is a bigger concern for you (performance vs image quality in other words).

some games require specific settings to avoid glitches or performance issues but without knowing what you intend to be playing its difficult to go into the specifics on that sort of thing atm.

you can find more setup and troubleshooting information in the FAQs and other sticky threads located at the top of most of the sections and sub-sections on the forums here.
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