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Noob, first 3 games run very slow

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trying crash bandicoot cortex, knockout kings 2003 and mariokart double dash.
All 3 are very slow, getting 14 fps at best with CB, mario is about 7fps.
cant get the 3d9 plugin to work at all. errors with mkkdd and CB just get a black screen.
dolphin version is 3972
anyhelp most welcome.
oh i'm running uptodate dx9 and i've updated the c++
my ati drivers are 9.9
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Use a newer revision 4300+. The D3D plugin is broken in 3972
any ideas where from?
wii sports dont work either.
Have a look around the forums. Many members compile and post new revisions in their signatures.

This is a good place to start:
downloaded it. WOW what a difference. fantastic.
knockout kings has the boxers as green, any ideas on that?
got to say i love dolphin.

i'm really impressed with this.
got it running now playing mario kart DD at 1920x1080 8xmsaa 60hz on a 50" plasma and must be getting full frame rate. looks great.

mario baseball next.
then a pair of wiimotes for wii sports.
heres hoping
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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