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No$zoomer dont work

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Hello,i have a problem with no$zoomer when i start it it doesnt zoom i get only a white screen when i deactivate the option Hide emulator then the no$gba emulator appears an the game runs on it it realy be nice if anyone can help me and sorry for my bad englisch im from germany :innocent:
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Try installing DirectX 9.0c. :D
Thanks the problem is now solved,but i have another problem with the game Black Sigil in the 2 fight with the student in the begining in that game when he suses Flamma then the game freezes does some one now how to solve this problem ?
The game unfortunately glitches quite heavily on actual hardware as well so I suggest dropping it and just trying something else.
hmm but i want to play it and i read in other posts that others dont have this bug.
perhaps not this one, but there are others lots of others...

Anyways try the tips here

Also I assume that after checking around you have figured out that you need no$gba 2.6a for No$Zoomer to work and that you do indeed have it?
yes i have no$gba 2.6a and NO$zoomer when you dont have the bug can you pls post your settings here with screens ?
Well, I think there's no definite ways or settings that can prevent the bug entirely. Just as Schumi said, and what I have experienced myself, the game is full of glitches even with the actual hardware. A lot of people report these glitches, yet some are just sailing smoothly. Just save more often to be on the safe side.
yeah but i cant safe because i have the bug by the 2 fight with the student and this at the very begining.
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