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No video plugin

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i've downloaded like 3 plugin's and they arent showing up ... but the sound and cd and bios showed up. someone please tell me how to get this video plug in that i need to start playin games.
i've got window's xp if that means anything
i have no idea what im talkin about so please talk to me like im retarted and tell me step by step how to get this thingy to work :lol: :heh:
thanx a whole lot
later dudes
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  1. [rules]RTFM[/rules] You're on your own BIOS wise.
  2. Use the goddamned edit button instead of double posting. It's right here:

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I wondered where that had gone.
That was a pic I made ages ago
ogl = Pete's OpenGL 1.xx

>so how much would a better card cost?

No idea. Most laptops can't be upgraded in that respect IIRC.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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