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I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy 7. Neither makes so much as a peep.

I've got a soundblaster Audigy 2 that is running fine and everything.

The plugins I've tried are:
Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.15
P.E.Op.S DSound Audio Driver 1.9
Internal ePSXe SPU
Eternal SPU Plugin Lite 1.41
Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41
Andy's SPU Audio Driver 0.16

None make a sound.
I had this set up on my brothers computer a couple days ago and got sound from Tactics (the only game I tried) but it wasn't the greatest. I figured when I came home, I'd do some tweaking and get better sound quality but I can't so much as get the thing to beep.

These games are off the origional PS cd-roms. I'm not using ISO's, and I'm not using save states.
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