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No Sound in Vagrant Story

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I'm kinda bummed out, everytime i want to play a PSX game on Epsx there's always some problem with it. Anyways, i searched for Vagrant Story and didn't find much. I get no sound when i try to play this game. Using Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41, tried all of the different sound options. I get sound with other PSX games.
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With the top 3 sound options on and the botton off, then using Eternal 1.41 (non lite) buffer 22 Dsound/Thread mode with the top game fix on: no problems
Thanks, that did the trick.

It gets annoying having to find a new config each time for every game i play, but i guess i'll have to manage. It will be better in time.
You can use a frontend like Pete's ePSXecutor or Betamax's Delta to store different configs for every game. This game the frontend will pick the proper one once you have it set up.
My personal favorite is Delta. And ePSXe Cutor can be found here
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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