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I have 6 sound plugins.

Andy's SPU Audio Driver 0.16
ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2
Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41
Eternal SPU Plugin Lite 1.41
P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9
Peter's DSound Audio Driver 1.15

I use Windows XP.

I have my sound turned up, and winamp works.

When I push 'test' when I select each plugin selected, no sound comes up. I really need sound, so my game isn't super-fast. (Sound synced with video, and all that).

My laptop (the computer I'm trying to do this on) has Conexant AMC audio.

Anyone know of a solution?

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since you have a laptop i suggest Eternal Lite (unless you have some leet speakers hooked to it). just use default settings.

btw, the "test" function is old and outdated, it basically just tests to see if the plugin is there :p

anyway, your speed isnt a sound plugin problem. enable the FPS limit in your GPU plugin ;)
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