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No sound after loading

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Okay, i'm having a little problem, i'm using the 1.6 version of ePSXe and something that wasn't happening before (i think), is really annoying me now, when i save the game with the save state option, and after that i load that same state, the game plays no music or does any sound, but if i just start from the beginning of the game without loading anything, the music is normal, this only happens when i load a state. What's the problem?
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nothing is wrong. that's just how save states are sometimes. i dont really know what to tell've basically stumbled upon a classic problem with save states. the best advice; use memory card saves. you can keep using save states if you want, it will work eventually.

PS. cloud's name is spelled クラウド rather than クラウデ. you can check if you dont believe me. just a minor detail :p
Thanks! For both advices! By the way, which program do you use to copy and paste your japanese characters? Cause mine are a little different than yours (smaller i think). I use JWPce!
...I use the default built in IME Jap support (Incidenatly my title should say Jama wa Sasenai)

BTW, I'd suggest you edit your sig image. The rules here are that they should be 500x150/25Kb at max
yep i use the IME standard input method too. just go to the control panel and regions and languages control panel and check the box to add support for east asian languages, and tell it to put hte japanese language bar up, etc...i almost bought a keyboard in japan but...damn i didnt. oh well.

i love my user title, raburabu da ne! which is what one girl said about me and yachiyo (the girl in my sig ;) )
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