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*Never mind I guess, It just seems to auto hit "Noise Suppression which is useless, I have that hotkeyed anyway. Unless there's a setting to get it to do it seamlessly then it seems pretty useless.*

Ok, I was looking around for a sound fix for Order of Ecclesia because I had more sound issues with most games I've tried...mainly the voices. I found this in the external tools section:

NO$NRM Author: Unknown?.
"A.EXE" NO$GBA Noise Remover.

I searched and dled it, and realized it was something I already had...a.exe in my no$gba it actually fixes the intro video (and crunchy sounds while killing large monsters like Catoplepas) for Ecclesia, Portrait of Ruin, and Dawn of Sorrow, just having it set to "auto detect". :D

The only problem is, it cuts out the voice. I'm sure there's a way to set it up properly depending on the game but I'm not sure how it works. It seems like it might be capable of fixing a lot of the no$gba sound issues, I wonder why I've never heard about it? I tried to search the forums but didn't come up with anything.

These are the settings in the .ini:
SkipLevel=100 *Setting to 127 seems to disable seems like it basically hits noise suppressor for you, and after 126 it does nothing... hrrrmm*

I'm gonna play around with the options a bit and see what happens, but anybody happen to already know how it works? I'll report back if I get it working pretty well.

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I had to downgrade my setup a lot so now No$GBA is the only option for me. The problem is that No$Zoomer Noise Supression doesn't work properly in some games that are dubbed, since the noise supression "resets" at every spoken line so I have to hit the noise supression over and over. No$NRM would be perfect since it would auto do that for me, but I pretty much can't find anything about that program. Can someone tell me where to download it, please?
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