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No Music in Gunnm: Martian Memories?

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I'm trying to play a .BIN of Gunnm (AKA Battle Angel Alita), but I'm not getting any music. Sound effects and FMV music work, though. And, CDDA sound works when I play other games on CD. I tried Peops, Eternal and the ePSXe sound plugins, with the first three options checked.

I'm using Mooby to load the .BIN, using File->Run CD-ROM. And under Mooby's config, I have "Repeat all CDDA tracks" checked, and the CDDA volume all the way up. I tried PSXeven and Adripsx, but it was exactly the same, no music. Is there anything else I'm missing?

For people who have the game, I should hear music right at the start screen, right? Thanks in advance.
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Some CD software only reads the data track to a file, meaning your BIN image may not contain the CDDA tracks, as they are stored differently on the disc. Did you use CDRWin or another commercial burning software to make the image? If so, try using a program like ISO Buster to extract the image from the CD, making sure you extract the entire CD, and not just one track. Another thing you can try is using a software CDROM drive like Daemon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive to mount the image and use a standard CDR plugin with it.

Oh, and a tip from personal experience, I have had many more headaches from BIN/CUE than from ISOs.
you wont be able to hear the CDDA tracks unless you have the .cue file, AFAIK. either remake the ISO with a cue file, or make a straight up ISO file that contains it all.
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