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No$Gba2.6a - Pokemon Platinum problem

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Hello, I'm new and I'm having a small problem.
I have read the FAQ and it still didn't work.

-- Anyways, when I try to save a game I cannot save it, so I tried doing the alternative and doing a game save (saving the game, on the game), and I cannot bring up my menu. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
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I don't quite get what your saving problem is. As for opening up the menu, press the X button.
I am having a similar problem. I save and exit the game, but when i try to play again I just go back to the introduction screen where Rowan is introducing himself. I have changed the back up media file to Flash 512. I need help. Also, the .sav file isnt showing up i the battery folder either, but my other game (MLB Power Pros) does show up in the .sav file.
^Try renaming your pokemon game's filename without any special characters. Also, after you change the save type, did you save the settings and reload the game?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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