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I think for the lower end PC's, THIS is the emulator you want for GBA. Comparing this and Visual Boy on my 600mhz celeron with Final Fantasy 1&2, this one ran the games faster, although VBA has a higher compatability.

People, wake up and get out of the mainstream! Especially if you have a slow computer, don't just go for the gold lining, because this emu is better for you. Believe me.

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hello!I agree whit U.But there's a problem.I have used VBa for a long time.Some game runs slowly. now I am using the no$,but i have to START-NEW-GAME.please tell me how to use the old save in vba?thx!
heh, this guy is banned, i doubt you're gonna get much of a response out of him :p

anyway, i dont think you can load VBA saves in no$. i may be wrong though.
yeah no save states but if u save the game the regular way u kno save the game with out shift+F1 it will work.
Wasn't No$GBA emulator for developers (for GBA) only?
KanedA said:
Wasn't No$GBA emulator for developers (for GBA) only?
theres a paying version (insanaly expensive IIRC) indee for developers. but not too long ago they released a freeware version stripped of all the debugging utilities
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