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no$gba saving trouble with pokemon explorer of sk

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Hello everyone! Like the title says, i start to play with Pokemon mystery dungeon explorer of sky [ITA] with no$gba. It runs very well, it also does the first save in chapter 1, but after that when i go bed to save it says that it cannot save the datas. There's anybody that knows how can i fix that? Thank you all!:D
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Read here.

Read through all the pages. The solution is split into many posts.
Thanks^^ I've read all the thread but still i can't figure it out... The only think that i can get by that thread is that it's unplayable right now? am i mistaking?
if you computer is good enough, use desmume 0.9.4. I played whole game on it without any single problem. hope this helps:thumb:
Thanks for the answer! Unfortunatly i've already tried but seems my pc it's not good enough ^^''
Anyone tried using the save type original to play this game? xD
IIRC, you need the firmware file. Just dump it from your real ds.
I tried using right save type(flash 256k) and it didn't worked. As for firmware file, it didn't worked too. xP
For some reason the Pokemon Dungeon games just don't play nice with no$gba and nothing can fix it, so I am afraid if you want to play those games with no$gba you're just out of luck.
mystery dungeon are pathetically sad anyhow......
I don't know how are we suppose to give the Pokemon developers ideas and concepts...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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