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Yeah, no, sorry you can't. Maybe you could on PSP, but nothing and never will work like that on DS. It's not for goodies like that, but for game goodies :D

I think that if the DS could emulate systems or even be remotely close to anything that has a desktop, that even more people would buy it.

1# Sales :

WII Fit 1- They actually stated it sales like it's own system. That's pretty cool.

WII System 2-

Nintendo DS/DSi 3 -

Hopeless Optimist
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No$GBA is designed to run DS games outside a DS. Running No$ on DS hardware, even if possible, would be
a) redundant,
b) unnessessary and
c) would even inhibit some of the workings of the DS hardware (e.g. WiFi);
while not providing any advantages.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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