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No$gba Crashes after 10 minutes or less on any game

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This has been happening to me as of late. i have no idea what the cause is and all of the addons to the emulator dont seem to help the situation.

I'm using No$gba 2.6a - legal copy i got a long time back.
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Try deleting NO$GBA.ini.
Sorry but i forgot to add that i tried that several times before and i still have the same problem, that just deletes my settings which i have not changed in months.
what exactly is any game? and what sort of crash is it?
Any game being it GBA, Nds, old, or new. such as Kirby and the amazing mirror did not work for long, as well as any of the castlevania games.

About the Crashes, the are not like "Rom image crash". they are the crashes you get with normal applictions like Internet Explorer, the one you can send reports of to microsoft.
Do you have the newest version of DirectX?
Sounds like a system fault then I am afraid and nothing that has to do with the emulator other than that the emulator accesses the corrupted system file. The problem was also not caused by no$gba but either by a virus or some other manner of system file corruption like perhaps the computer suddenly being turned off whilst critical system files were being updated or the like.
If it's only affecting no$gba then I suggest you cut your losses and use other emus or simply accept that you can't emulate the things no$gba can emulate as backing and formatting the system and then reinstalling the OS and it's drivers is not something your average computer user should attempt and PC places tend to charge an arm and a leg for it, more than what's worth to just get one emu up and running.

edit: And as usual I completely jump the gun and forget your drivers could simply be out of date so try updating those first before looking at the rest of what I said.
Yes i have the latest version of direct X and yes it may be something that is wrong with my computer, but i do not believe that it cant be fixed.

Like i said before, the emulator worked fine for the months that i have had it. only recently has it started to crash.

Edit: Other then Direct X what other drivers would i need.
Graphics and sound card.
My Graphics Cards driver is up to date, but i don't believe i can possibly update a built in unidentified sound card.

Edit: also would flash player have anything to do with the problem?
Also get and install the Visual C++ redistributable packages and .NET Framework updates for your system...if however that does not help then it's not something that can be fixed without entirely reinstalling the OS from scratch which is a huge job and should not be attempted by your average PC user (cuz they will most likely lose important data) and for which PC places charge a lot of dough for.

(by Visual C++ redistributable packages I basically mean the packs mentioned in the following link (though there may be others and they may not be the correct ones for your system so you will have to do some searching Download details: Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) )

edit: nope, flash player has nothing to do with this
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