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no$gba color issues

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Ive been playing the ace attorney series for a couple of weeks now on desmume and I made it to apollo justice and the sound started to crackle, and it drives me crazy so I got no$gba and the sound seems better but now im having these strange color issues, my graphics cards are fine and my drivers are up to date, and I am on windows 7 64-bit.

I appreciate any help :D thanks.
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Did this suddenly happen or is this where you were in DeSmuME when you converted your save?
Using no$gba 2.6 or 2.6a?
I have the game but never played it much on no$gba...for the bits and pieces of the first case I did play though no$gba ran fine so either it's an unfixable (well most can try using No$Zoomer to fix the game but if that does not help then that's just the way the game runs at this stage....or perhaps try changing the renderer from nocash to OpenGL and vice versa) error that occurs at that point in the game...or it's some glitch caused either by Win7's immaturity or the immaturity of the drivers for the system.
this is where I was when I converted it, Im using 2.6a I believe, the newest one? would 2.6 work better? lol
no, 2.6a should be the same as 2.6, if not a little better and it's also what I used. Perhaps attach your save to this thread or host it on zShare so I and some others can check if we also get issues at the point.
Absolutely, anything to get it working, lol.
Hmm from what I can tell no$gba either unfixably (at this stage) glitches in that cutscene or it does not like save. I can't help fix the cut-scene but I can help return the game to normal afterwards, just save the game and close the emu and reload the game.

I warn you by the way that no$gba is a lot more problematic with it's saving than DeSmuME. It only writes the save to the HDD when another game is load, the current game is reloaded (not reset) or the emu is closed normally, without doing any one of these the data vanishes up to the last save that was done like this if the emu/game happens to crash. And even if you propperly confirm all your saves by reloading the game for instance then a crash could still corrupt the save so best back those up as well (they are in the battery folder). Using No$Zoomer first of all gives you some nifty zooming with filters at barely any resource hit and secondly it has a feature in it's File(F) menu called Save the output file(U) which when clicked writes the save to the HDD, or you could also assign a button to that function. No save states of any sort either (Snapshots only work for GBA games at this stage).
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just want to say that I'm encountering the very same graphic corruption when I start that episode - Case 3 Turnabout Serenade.
So then just save the game and reload (not reset) it like I suggested the last time.
Nogba is prone to colour glitches.
The exact same thing happened to me too. Saved the game and reloaded. Didn't work. The color of the box with the dialogue has gotten brighter, and I can barely see the dialogue.
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