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NO$GBA Cheat system problem

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i have 2.6 and my cheats box just comes up blank and i have tried everything i have even tried older versions i looked on youtube for a video tutorial and there cheat box had buttons to add new and such mine does not could some one please leave me some advice:thumb:
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dpi, or font size is too high.
or perhaps you are running some sort of custom theme
no its just the emulator as u get it the only thing i have changed on it is the backup memory to 512 flash i have a video clip on youtube with wot it looks like on mine here's the link YouTube - How does the cheat function work on n0$gba but wen it gets to the white box for the cheats skip video to about 2mins 50 i kinda got distracted during its filming.
We meant on your system, are you not running some sort of custom theme or custom DPI or Font setting?

You will have to give me a screenshot I am afraid, I am on a tightly capped bandwidth connection and don't have any to spare to check out that vid.
OK here's my problem sorry about the other half of the pic i have duel monitors, oh and my fonts are standard and my dpi is 96 the usual standard settings
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But you are using a custom theme/shell on your system, that's most likely the problem (at least in the past GUI related issues have always come from a custom theme)
nope dint make a difference i tried changing the theme i even uninstalled the theme file and deleted the registry entries for the the installed theme i just tried it with the basic windows xp theme and yes my copy of sp3 is legit.
So you're running TrueTransparency and/or Windowblinds to get transparency on your system?
It still definitely looks like something related to that, there's even an overlay problem visible in your screen (that black bar in the game) which looks like it might even somehow come from the cheat window...which by the way is about 1.5x the size it's meant to be...perhaps though you should try stretching it even more.
Either way it's definitely something on your system and not no$gba's fault.

By the way I only noticed this now but that looks like Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/ trying to cheat with no$gba is going to be rather ineffective anyways as no$gba often crashes with AR codes used on those games (Pokemon games in particular are a problem for some reason, most other use AR codes fine) so most people just use Pokesav so I suggest you do the same.
oh i already have done that i dont want to use it to cheat i just wanted it to work fully and tbh there is no true transparency or windows blinds its a theme that was an installer of its own but even wen i uninstalled it and used a basic theme like the xp default theme it still dint work at all like i said before i deleted the registry entries for the the installed theme and restarted and re-downloaded no$gba still no luck
Perhaps the transformation pack you used automatically incorporated TrueTransparency though. Many these days do.

Just for interests sake can you also post a screenshot just like that last one but with the default XP theme before you reinstally everything (a slightly bigger pic would not hurt either by the way, some things are a little hard to make out on that last one)?
sure but everything i upload here getts made like 10% of its origional sise so it may be hard
even my avatar is a changing gif image that 4 sum reason wnt change on this site god knows but i'l giv it a whirl ^_^
use photobucket or another imagehost :p

As for you avatar by guess is that it was too big and got automatically resized.
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