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First of all, I'm really sorry if there is already another thread discussing the same topic

So, I have tried trading pokemon using no$gba recently. I traded between platinum(1st machine) and diamond(2nd machine), which worked perfectly.
But I soon found out that if I placed the platinum on the 2nd machine then it will be stucked at a white screen after pressing the enter button at the start of the game. This is exactly the same problem which I encountered normally (on the 1st machine) if the sound is not on.

Now here is my problem, the pokemon black that I played also has a similar sound problem with platinum. If the sound is turned off then it will just stuck on the start screen with the reshiram animation still playing, but not entering the game.
This can be resolved easily by just activating the sound. However, if i were to trade pokemon, I will have to put pokemon black on both the 1st and 2nd machine, but there is no setting to turn on the sound for the second machine.

My question: Is it possible to change the sound setting of the 2nd machine?
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