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No$gba 2.6 save data is in battery folder but wont show up on game

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Hi all!

ive been playin luminous Arc and i have saved my game several times and stop playing and then loaded my save game. The problem now is that all of a sudden it doesnt show up on the game! the save data is still in the battery folder but i dont know what to do to make the emulator pick it back again...

plz help! im sure every gamer doesnt like the idea of starting over most specially when you havent even beatin the game yet...
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Have you set the correct save type? If not, then I suggest you look at the sticky FAQ thread. After you change the save type, save the settings and reload the game.
thanks a lot for the quick reply!

um how do i select a save type?
Look at the first post, specifically #7, in the sticky FAQ thread.
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