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No$gba 2.1 Released

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New version of the GBA emulator No$gba out.

17th May 2005 - version 2.1
- multicart: remove_machine: also unloads associated ROM, unless memory shared
- multicart: load into machine; if none such: allocate new machine(s)
- multicart: cartloader target selectable (specific machine, or all machines)
- help: added various NDS chapters, 2D video, memory map & control, arm9 I/O map
- help: described NDS cartridge header & protocol with some new details
- cpu: handles CP15 system control coprocessor opcodes and Cn,Cm,N registers
- debug: disassembler supports all copro opcodes, assembler all except ldc/stc
- help: cleaned up coprocessor operand names (Pn,Cn instead P#,CRn,etc.)
- help: corrected sprites/scanline formula (10+n*2 per n pix, not 26 per 8 pix)
- shareware: changed decrypter extension (microsoft declared .prg as virus)
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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