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A major release coming from the No$GBA team....bringing the emulator up to the 2.0 milestone. Here is the long list of version changes:
  • webpage: just being moving to, added xboo screenshot
  • xboo: updated standalone version, new up/download switches, header auto-fix
  • cartloader: redraws debug screen (if any) moved to new cartridge entrypoint
  • media: run-length compressed SAV/SNA files (simple, but better than nothing)
  • emudetail: allows reading from second wave ram bank (in diag cpu data cycles)
  • help: described newly discovered Halt behaviour (depends on IE AND IF only)
  • emudetail: allows low power HALT to pass through even if CPSR.I=SET or IME=0
  • emudetail: emulates CPU spsr bit4 being always set - even writing zero to it
  • internal: removed A22i pack_dest buffer (did allocate 256K - even if unused)
  • bugfix: re-fixed eeprom writes (crashed on new lifetime counters, bad ebx*8)
  • debug: now also supports memory breaks (thanks joe for giving the kick)
  • emudetail: prevents eeprom backup mirrors at addresses>10000000h (upper 4bit)
  • emudetail: emulates various bios prefetch even when not having bios rom-image
  • emudetail: emulates power-up bios prefetch even when booted bios intro
  • help: explained "SO During Inactivity" details, added note on SIODATA32
  • help: described flashcard write/erase/detection (thanks to jeff's cartlib)
  • xboo: simplified pull-up ascii arts drawing in cable connection schematic
  • xboo: CAUTION: changed reset signal (if any) now also drags select+start low
  • xboo: automatically closes upload box on uploads only (not after downloads)
  • a22i: fixed bad crash on invalid parameters in "adrl" pseudo instructions
  • help: refined ascii arts for link plug/cable schematics (using underscores)
  • help: added gba sp power supply/headphones info in tech data and aux chapters
  • help: added gba sp case dimensions ascii arts picture in tech data chapter
  • gba sp: got old SP from marcel and replaced damaged oscillator
  • emudetail: emulates VCOUNT=99h on direct FLASH/ROM-cartridge start entrypoint
  • xboo: flashcard write and erase (erase phase simultaneously with cable upload)
  • xboo: flashcard skips writing/erasing blocks if old block did have same crc
  • xboo: flashcard highspeed 16MB/sec mechanism analyses remote/local checksums
  • xboo: flashcard upload rejected if missing or if too small for rom-image
  • xboo: flashcard upload automatically chosen if xboo image bigger than 256K
  • xboo: new utility function shows detected info (without downloading anything)
  • xboo: detects type/size/presence of remote flashcarts, flashbackup, srambackup
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sweet, another big update to the No$GBA~

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You do realize the No$GBA team is just one crazy guy?

Of course, he does the work of a whole team. You should've seen the number of updates he did before he finally took it public again. And he's very responsive to developer requests.

Needless to say, one crazy guy.
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