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Changelog for 2.0 version
9th September 2004 - version 2.0
- webpage: just being moving to, added xboo screenshot
- xboo: updated standalone version, new up/download switches, header auto-fix
- cartloader: redraws debug screen (if any) moved to new cartridge entrypoint
- media: run-length compressed SAV/SNA files (simple, but better than nothing)
- emudetail: allows reading from second wave ram bank (in diag cpu data cycles)
- help: described newly discovered Halt behaviour (depends on IE AND IF only)
- emudetail: allows low power HALT to pass through even if CPSR.I=SET or IME=0
- emudetail: emulates CPU spsr bit4 being always set - even writing zero to it
- internal: removed A22i pack_dest buffer (did allocate 256K - even if unused)
- bugfix: re-fixed eeprom writes (crashed on new lifetime counters, bad ebx*8)
- debug: now also supports memory breaks (thanks joe for giving the kick)
- emudetail: prevents eeprom backup mirrors at addresses>10000000h (upper 4bit)
- emudetail: emulates various bios prefetch even when not having bios rom-image
- emudetail: emulates power-up bios prefetch even when booted bios intro
- help: explained "SO During Inactivity" details, added note on SIODATA32
- help: described flashcard write/erase/detection (thanks to jeff's cartlib)
- xboo: simplified pull-up ascii arts drawing in cable connection schematic
- xboo: CAUTION: changed reset signal (if any) now also drags select+start low
- xboo: automatically closes upload box on uploads only (not after downloads)
- a22i: fixed bad crash on invalid parameters in "adrl" pseudo instructions
- help: refined ascii arts for link plug/cable schematics (using underscores)
- help: added gba sp power supply/headphones info in tech data and aux chapters
- help: added gba sp case dimensions ascii arts picture in tech data chapter
- gba sp: got old SP from marcel and replaced damaged oscillator
- emudetail: emulates VCOUNT=99h on direct FLASH/ROM-cartridge start entrypoint
- xboo: flashcard write and erase (erase phase simultaneously with cable upload)
- xboo: flashcard skips writing/erasing blocks if old block did have same crc
- xboo: flashcard highspeed 16MB/sec mechanism analyses remote/local checksums
- xboo: flashcard upload rejected if missing or if too small for rom-image
- xboo: flashcard upload automatically chosen if xboo image bigger than 256K
- xboo: new utility function shows detected info (without downloading anything)
- xboo: detects type/size/presence of remote flashcarts, flashbackup, srambackup
it still makes my pokemon firered and leafgreen to crash when saving, but is another version, so enjoy ;)

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I must try it...

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Thanks for the infos Lady :thumb:
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