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7. I can't load any games? I get some sort of unable to read card error? The data could not be accessed. Turn of the power and reinsert the DS card? Some sort of strange japanese/spanish/any other language text when I try to load any DS game? Correct savetype for my game?

Versions before 2.6a do not have an autodetect savetype function and therefore need to be set manually in 'Options->Emulation Setup->NDS cartidge backup media'. In order to find the correct savetype go to a site like AdvanScene and divide whatever savetype it gives you for the game by 8 to convert the bits to bytes for no$gba's use and then set it to that. Be aware that you then have to reset or reload the game for the savetype to come into effect. The only way a game will save correctly is if the correct savetype has been set. Also be aware that some games when started with the incorrect savetype will automatically wipe your save data and you will have to start from the beginning again. UniverseJDJ's Basic Profile Manager allows you to maintain preset profiles for your games which should allow you to prevent loss of save data on versions before 2.6 due to the game being loaded with the incorrect savetype.
If you prefer not to go to AdvanScene every time you could memorize/store this table somewhere.

EEPROM - 4Kbit -> EEPROM 0.5Kbytes
EEPROM - 64Kbit -> EEPROM 8Kbytes
EEPROM - 512Kbit -> EEPROM 64Kbytes
FLASH 2048Kbit(2Mbit) -> FLASH 256Kbytes
FLASH 4096Kbit(4Mbit) -> FLASH 512Kbytes
FRAM 256Kbit -> FRAM 32Kbytes
No game at this stage uses FRAM.
For version 2.6a just set it to Auto. Most games are supported through the Auto setting, but some may require you to exclusively set the propper savetype.
ADVANsCEne - Scene Releases - NDScrc - RToolDS
Basic Profile Manager for No$GBA
use 512k
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