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no disks loading in dvd drive after running pcsx2

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doom3 loading in dvd drive after running pcsx2

just like the title says i cant run doom3, but i can install others in my dvd drive after i used pcsx2
it says "Cannot locate DOOM 3 Disk 1" "CD/DVD emulation software has been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD emulation software and re-start the game"...i did that, infact no emulation software was running when i stuck it in there. this has never happened before until i tried using pcsx2. so it has to be something with it. i uninstalled the drive and reinstalled it..turned my comp on and off..still nothing, so does anyone have any ideas?
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Do you have any virtual drive eg. Dameon tools. If so that might be the problem, try installing the lastest version or unistalling it all together. I believe it's some sort of copy portection in Doom so your not downloading the game illegaly.
just reinstalled the game again...same message.. nope i dont have any virtual drives either. im at the end of the game too. if i have to reformat again...if i do then its the 2nd time since i build this piece of crap.i dont even think ive had it a amonth...god i hate technology
Are you sure? Alcohol 120% and CloneCD/CloneDVD programs are also known for causing copyprotection problems. EVEN if their virtualdrives are not enabled, just having those softwares installed causes some games to go shortcircuit. Its real pain in the ass, i know.
yarg. i do have clone cd..WOOOHOOOO!! thanks i was feelin so down, not being able to play doom 3..(all my other games are boring now)
No problem. Happy that i was atleast some help. :D
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