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No digital cd-audio?

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Hi everyone!

I have a serious problem here: My ePSXe (1.6.0) won't play any CDDA, no matter which plugin I use. Better: It does play, I can see the drive LED flashing. But I can't hear it. I must admit: I don't have cd-audio cables attached from the dvd drive to the sound card (I have a big tower, and couldn't find any cables long enough). But every other application still plays cd audio perfectly. Only ePSXe doesn't.

Is there any possibility to enable digital audio playback for this great emulator?

Strange thing is: I bought "Ridge Racer Revolution" today. This game has it's music stored as ".da" files in a folder called "cdda" on the disc. I copied one of the files to th hdd and renamed it to .wav. And it played. But the music won't come up in the game, though it isn't real cd audio. Does ePSXe have a general issue with digital music, or is it my incompetence?
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Tried both of them already. I use PEOPS 1.9 normally.
I also made sure I checked "Use CDDA" everywhere I could find it (epsxe + plugins).
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