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So I'm trying to setup my PDP Afterglow controller, the model made for Nintendo Switch (this one: ), to be used in games on my pc. I have the controller plugged in via usb into the pc, and I then open the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator app. Under the 'Controller 1' tab, I hit the add button and selected the controller from the device list.. All is fine, but then I go to start mapping all of the buttons but nothing registers after clicking the button that I'm trying to map following selecting 'Record' from the dropdown menu.

I suspect that it might be because the controller is attempting to connect to the Switch (it has these green lights on the bottom of it that flash when the controller is attempting to pair with its console, and the lights are flashing when I'm trying to do the button mapping, even with the controller plugged into the pc via usb).

I'm hoping that maybe someone out there has this specific controller and could offer some guidance on how they had gotten this to work with xb360ce, assuming that they have. Here's hoping.

Thanks if anyone can help!
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