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Nintendo 64 Emulator

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I'd like to know what would be the best Nintendo 64 Emulator for the PC to go for right at this time was thinking and looking at getting the one called RMG, and like to ask what in your learned opinion would you recommend getting?

thank you

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there aren't that many N64 emulators... most are just GUI for 2 different emulators with basically the same plugins.

in this case I use and recommend RMG.

you can also use the EmuGenWiki to get this information and extras:

even if you want to use RetroArch Mupen64Plus-Next... I recommend using the RMG to graphically get and test the emulator settings through the RMG and manually pass them to the RA Mupen64Plus-Next.

finally, and in any case, always download directly from the official website. 3rd party sites usually host very old versions, it is not recommended.

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I've only had real success emulating N64 on PC using Project 64 so I'd recommend that.
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