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NHL Playoffs

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Well, first round is over. Most series were awesome to watch, a couple that were completely one sided and a snooze fest.

Best game of the first round - Detroit/Columbus - Game 4
Biggest upset of the first round - Anaheim over San Jose

I knew Anaheim were going to be the dark horse again. They're always a sly one in the play offs... Detroit is as good as ever. Vancouver is a bit of a surprise, I was expecting them to win, but not do it in a sweeping fashion. Everyone knew the New Jersey and Carolina series was going to be awesome, and it was. Flames were fail. That should've at least been a 7 game series.

All in all, great start to this year so far.

/waves Vancouver flag
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/collapses from sudden pain in the chest


Does nobody here but me watch hockey oO? Where are my fellow Canadians!?!? Have you deserted me?!?!!?
Isn't that where grown men iceskate on ice with sticks? *looks down at Skore innocently*
I used to watch NHL when I was younger. I stopped, though. I forget why[maybe because Gretzky quit/retired/whatever]. I had a blast playing a couple NHL games on my old Saturn too..
americans don't usually get hockey skore, except for maybe some of the northern cities. Boston, NY, Chicago, etc. You have to look to fellow canadians, russians, or northern europeans.
i watched the mighty ducks xD and have a NHL n64 cart :p

i get hockey... we just don't get it on tv :(
Engh, I'm more interested in basketball right now (my location should be an obvious reason why), and I imagine most people into sports are paying more attention to the NBA Playoffs right now than anything else. Baseball started not too long ago, and the NFL draft was recent, so I imagine most people don't even know the NHL playoffs are going on, if they'd even care.

In America, the big three sports are football (American football, not soccer), baseball, and basketball. The economic times have hurt even those sports, so I bet hockey is getting really little attention right now. Hockey was close to being a main one many years back, but it never got big in America. As was said, I'd imagine only in a few Northern places is there big interest. I think Cleveland even has a hockey team (they have had different ones on and off and on and off), but nobody here cares, and Cleveland is a huge sports city, so that says something about hockey in America. I kind of wish other sports were bigger here.
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/collapses from sudden pain in the chest


Does nobody here but me watch hockey oO? Where are my fellow Canadians!?!? Have you deserted me?!?!!?
This is interesting... you've piqued my interest. I'm all ears bud. Tell me more about the sport :) :p
All valid points...'cept for Bree and PCXL there. I'm going to have to...whip them up to shape.

/cracks whip

Russia and other northern European countries are probably into it as well. I mean, I'd say a good half of the league are European players.

Take Ovechkin for example. He might be pompous, but he's one heck of a player. I dropped my bottled beverage (aka, beer bottle) when he made this shot. Even my old man was cheering, and he knows nothing about hockey :lol:

Omg...NHL is curling right?

I'm so smart! :innocent:

C'mon, Skore, teach us more!

Just for that, I'm gonna sick my dog onto a squirrel outside.

And maybe a bunny too.

C'mon, I was being serious when I said that you should explain more about hockey.
I think the matchup of Washignton vs Pittsburg is going to be quite interesting. Although Ovechkin maybe be a one man army, it'll be interesting to see how he faces against the twin titans of Crosby and Malkin when everything is on the line and its not just a reg season game.
The wiki article is actually pretty well done.

But to make it short.

Big guys with sticks on skates (aka, blades of death) playing on rock solid ice with a puck made of vulcanized rubber. The thing I love about hockey is how fast paced it is. How physical it is.

Also love the fights they have :p

Ovechkins actually been pretty quiet for the playoffs so far. He's had lots of shots on goal, but only what?... 3 goals so far I think? No, the guy to look out for on Washington is Varlomov, the rookie goalie tossed into the NHL playoff series with only a few game experience under his belt for the NHL. He's done amazing so far.
Well, to put it simply.

Now that's a sport everyone can get into! :thumb:
American football is for pussies. our AFL players take harder hits then them, WITHOUT PADDING.

Lol, and that's why Aussie's speak Australianese.

Maybe I'll check NHL the next time I see it on ESPN or something :)
American football is for pussies. our AFL players take harder hits then them, WITHOUT PADDING.


It's a shame that they don't broadcast NHL here on TV, I'd love to watch it. It's much more exciting than football. The games are better too.
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