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Fixed it!

You won't believe it, the problem is so simple and hard to find...

The parser nVidia uses in their driver doesn't accept the UTF-8 "BOM" (byte order mark) which is written so that applications recognize the file as UTF-8 (and it's actualy mandatory).

UltraEdit and many other editors don't write this invisible byte sequence, so it worked as soon as UltraEdit wrote the file, but not if nHancer 2.5.2 wrote it...

It took about an hour to figure that out, after I finally ruled out all other causes. Also thanks to Squall for hinting that using an editor to write the file would enable the driver to read the profiles as well.

Here's a new beta which is compatible with 190.x. It also includes all new options introduced in the last Geforce drivers.

Please let me know if there are any problems with this version. I'll release it as soon as all languages are updated.

nHancer 2.5.3 Beta 1 (32 bit)
nHancer 2.5.3 Beta 1 (64 bit)
Test and report any problems please guys
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