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ngPsp 1.0 Released

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The first Neo Geo Pocket emulator for the PSP handheld has been released. It is based on NeoPop and of course needs the version 1.0 firmware to run. Here is some info from the readme.

.) First build
.) Basic menu
.) High compatibility
.) Slow but decent FPS
.) No Sound
.) Suports NGP (B&W) & NGPC (Color) Roms

= To Come =

.) Real GUI
.) Rom Selecting
.) Sound
.) Src (next build) ::
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OMG this is geting better and better!!!!
nice news keith.
I always really wanted to play NGP on my cell phone....
I thought NGEmu is about emulating NextGen consoles? Since when is the NeoGeo Pocket considered NextGen? ;-)))
Since it is an emulator for the PSP which falls under NextGen
Updated to version 1.1 .. here is the list of changes.

• Reverted to some old code to fix some bad hacks made from s60 port
• More games working (like metal slug)
• Small speed boost
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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