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Smilies : Small cute creatures who live in forums , Im programs and some Email services .oO

When Bobbi first opened this place he wanted to add smilies . So hired some from the smilies circus . This circus is for smilies only , spectators or players are all smilies .
There smilies were having fun watching the show :thewave:
and eating popcorn :lurk: .
Too bad , Bobbi couldn't get the magician , umm due to a terrible accident :wizard:
Actually many ppl think smilies are cool :cool: or intelligent :idea: . But in reality they aren't so cool . Some of them are stupid :heh: :???: :eyemove: :eek:nthepull , rude :rant: :cuss2: , lazy :zzz: :yawn: and even pure evil :evil: .
The problem about smilies is that they really like to imitate humans . They have rules and leaders . And if you pay them well , they can do every thing , dance :dance: , wave :wave: , even agree to all your orders :agree: :nod: . And if you gave them more money they can walk with Ads :ban: :hmmm: :eek:fftopic: :joke: :baka: :done: :dot: :spam:
Why not some group ads aswell :newbie:
But under their smiling cute faces (or bodies whatever you can tell) :) ;) :emb: :D :thumb: :p :innocent: , some other real manners are hidden :nono:
Smilies have fun cursing :cuss2: , hitting their heads (bodies) to walls :hdbash: and even bouncing :bounce: !!!
They like celebrating aswell , they imitated humans by celebrating X-mas like them :santa: , where they sing :guitar: , drink :beer: and have fun :yippee: :flash: .
Smilies have a good sense of humour aswell , you can see them laughing most of the time :lol: :laugh: :rotflmao: :spit: , and they rarely cry :cry: :( .
Sometimes they like acting , they think they are all artsists , you should see their plays of star wars :duel: .
They love their work much :bow: :wub: , and every one who doesn't work gets his punishment :microwave :smash: :xomunch: :damnyou::fart: .
As I've said earlier they love imitating humans , they even have fake computers :pCmad: , while they don't need toilets they use them :toilet: .
Smilies can't reproduct , yet they want to make it like humans :2love: :sex: (They don't even know what's that) .
But beware when they get angry :mad: :angry: :rant: :cuss2: , They starting fighting with each other :redrush: :akimbo: :drool: :mg: :dead: :shockwhor :railgun: :smilylaze :ak: :laser:
:spy: :rocket:
And no one can stop them then :doh: :rolleyes: :eek:nthepull .
But anyway they don't die :pumpup: .


Sidenote : I think I was able to add all smilies ^_^

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Hey man, this is cool! Congrats :thumb: (oh well, good work smiles, keep it up!)


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Hehehe, what spot are you aiming at? Nutter or member of the year? :p

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Now look what I've found ;)

That's old , by Bobbi himself :D :

:thewave: Most old smilies back (more coming !)

After much :cuss2: from our users (which we really :love: here @ NGEmu), we sat together, :spit: and :xomunch: something and decided what to do with our users ... :microwave

No, honestly - we were quite :yippee: about your feedback (not :angry: ), and after lots of you :smash: us for a while now, we decided to :pumpup: the old :) ;) :frown: :mad: ! Hope you enjoy it ;)

:flash: :hmmm:

And now, please stop the :smilylaze
:rocket: :akimbo: :railgun: - thanks for reading.

The complete thread is over there :

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That was cool :thumb:, innovative :idea: and funny :lol:.

What would be of our forum live without them?

It would be :yawn: :???: :zzz: :(
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